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Application Form 18 Dixon Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0BP T: (0121) 773 7496 | | Reg No: 330/ 6170 Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School & Madrasah Ref: HKKGS Application Form Sept 2015 v2.3 Page 2 of 4 DETAILS OF APPLICANT Surname/Family Name Forename(s) Date of Birth DD MM YYYY Place of Birth Address City County Postcode Mother Tongue Nationality Ethnicity Telephone No E-mail Do you have ‘Right of Permanent Stay’ in the UK? Yes No DETAILS OF BOTH PARENT’S /GUARDIAN’S Father’s Contact Details Mother’s Contact Details Surname Surname Forename(s) Forename(s) Address (If different from the Address (If different from the applicant) Postcode applicant) Postcode Telephone No Telephone No Mobile No Mobile No E-mail E-mail Are you a single parent? YES NO Are you a single parent? YES NO If you are a single parent, who has legal custody of the applicant? DETAILS OF TWO EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSONS* (*Preferably Mahram, with whom marriage is prohibited) ALL SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED 1st Emergency Contact Details 2nd Emergency Contact Details Surname Surname Forename(s) Forename(s) Address Address Postcode Postcode Telephone No Telephone No Mobile No Mobile No Work No Work No E-mail E-mail Relationship Relationship Ref: HKKGS Application Form Sept 2015 v2.3 Page 3 of 4 DETAILS OF PREVIOUS STATE EDUCATION Current School Details Name of Current School Address Postcode Head Teacher’s Name Telephone No At this School From MM YYYY To: MM YYYY Current Year Group Reason for Leaving List all previous Educational Establishments attended since schooling age and your qualifications. (Please use a separate sheet if required, note the applicants name & Date of Birth on all additional pages) Previous School Details Name Address Postcode Telephone No Subjects Grades & Qualifications DETAILS OF PREVIOUS ISLAMIC EDUCATION List all Islamic Establishments attended (Please use separate sheet if required). Previous Makhtab/ Madrasah Organisation Name Ustadh’s/ Imam’s Name Address Postcode Telephone No Nazera Completed Amount of Hifz Completed Duration of Study Reason for Leaving Please list below Name(s) of Books studied (Arabic/ English/ Urdu etc) while receiving any Islamic Education. Medical Information Name of GP Tel Details of any medical condition(s) Details of medication Any other information Ref: HKKGS Application Form Sept 2015 v2.3 Page 4 of 4 RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. All new applicants will have to pass the admission test and all admissions will remain valid for 1 academic year only. 2. Disclosure of all previous character and conduct is necessary. 3. Whilst in Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School & Madrasah all lessons must be attended except when excused by an authorised person. 4. All English and Islamic laws and regulations will have to be followed in all aspects of life particularly in prayers, dress, social affairs etc. 5. No one will be permitted to leave Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School & Madrasah except during fixed vacations. However, in cases of emergency or necessity parents/guardians wishing to obtain leave for any pupils may contact the Reception Office for permission. 6. To insult the trustees, teachers or any member of staff will be judged as inexcusable and any pupils found guilty will be liable for dismissal. Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School & Madrasah reserves the right to expel any pupils when it seems necessary. 7. Anyone expelled will have no legal remedy against Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School & Madrasah. 8. At the end of all holidays all pupils must return to the Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School on the fixed day except when extra leave is granted. 9. If in any event a pupil has to be sent home then the parents, guardians or relatives will have to without objection or delay make necessary arrangements for the pupils to return home. 10. Pupils will be liable to pay for damages they cause to the property of Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School. 11. All the above rules and regulations and any future rules will have to be covered completely. 12. In the event of a pupil being withdrawn by parents or permanently excluded, fees will not be refundable for that quarter. Minimum of four weeks’ written notice should be given before leaving the School. 13. Parents/ guardians must attend an interview. DECLARATION 1) The information given on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my application will be disqualified if I knowingly give false information. 2) I have read or had explained to me and understand all the rules and regulations on the form and the information for parent’s booklet. 3) I accept to follow the rules and regulations of Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School & Madrasah. Applicant’s Signature Date Parent/Guardian’s Signature Date Please check and enclose the following items with your application: 1. You have completed all of this form including the Medical Information  2. Enclosed the Application Fee of 25 (NON REFUNDABLE) (cheques made payable to ‘HKKGS’)  3. If admission is granted an admission fee of 50 will be payable  4. Previous schools Leaving Certificate / Report & Exam results  5. Reference from the applicants Ustadh (Islamic studies teacher)  6. Copy of a valid Passport / Full Birth Certificate  FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Date Application Received: Application Processed By: Date Application Accepted: Date of Admission: Pupils Admission No: Class Admitted: Fee Enclosed Date: CheckHAZRAT KHADIJATUL KUBRA GIRLS SCHOOL Behaviour, Discipline and Support for Learning Reviewed: 1 May 2014 Agreed by: The Trustees Policies at Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School are designed to support the ethos, aims and vision of the school. They are written in accordance with the five outcomes contained within Every Child Matters:  Being healthy.  Staying safe.  Enjoying and achieving.  Making a positive contribution.  Achieving economic wellbeing 1. Rationale 1.1 Good behaviour and discipline is a necessary condition for effective learning and teaching. Children learn best and behave best when they know what is expected of them, when they are positively encouraged to behave well and when they are consistently, fairly and appropriately treated if they don’t behave well. 1.2 This policy is a statement of good practice that covers all aspects of school life. The policy should be used in conjunction with the following policies:  Teaching for learning  Attendance  Physical restraint  Bullying  Rewards and recognition 1.3 This policy has been agreed by the Trustees. All members of staff and all pupils are expected to help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, with courtesy and mutual respect as basic requirements. 2. Broad Goals 2.1 The main purpose of this policy is to enable us to:  Encourage adherence to the HKKGS Code of behaviour by pupils.  To support effective teaching for learning as outlined in the teaching for learning policy.  To support pupil attendance as outlined in the school attendance policy.  To give clear guidelines for staff on action to be taken in instances of unacceptable behaviour and discipline. These include rewards, sanctions and support. Appendix 4 contains a list of the current interventions that are available to HKKGS pupils. 3. Pupil Attainment and Other Outcomes 3.1 We expect the following outcomes:  All classrooms to have rules and the HKKGS code displayed.  All pupils to be aware of the HKKGS Code.  100% return of Home School Agreements. 4. Implementation 4.1 In order to achieve our goals we will take the following action: 4.1.1 The HKKGS code of behaviour for pupils and school rules (Appendix 1 and 2)  A copy of the HKKGS code and school rules will be included in the pupil planner, together with the Home School Agreement at the start of each new school year.  The HKKGS code, and school rules, will be displayed in classrooms and other parts of the school as appropriate. 4.1.2 The HKKGS code of behaviour for staff when dealing with pupils. Alongside the HKKGS code of behaviour for pupils, staff will follow the following Code of behaviour for staff. This works along the principles outlined in the school’s teaching for learning policy. In general all staff should:  Be prepared for all lessons  Manage the entry and exit of pupils to and from lessons in an orderly and quiet way  Know and treat the pupils as individuals  Model the standards of courtesy and behaviour expected from the pupils  Use appropriate tone and volume of voice when talking to pupils  Use appropriate body language when talking to and dealing with pupils  Emphasise the positive  Make sparing, fair and consistent use of reprimands  Criticise the behaviour and not the person  Use private rather than public reprimands where possible  Avoid sarcasm and threats  Make sparing, fair and consistent use of punishments/sanctions  Avoid whole group punishments This is expanded in Appendix 3 attached. 5. Rewards (to be read in conjunction with the Rewards and Sanctions Policy) 5.1 Praise and rewards encourage good standards of behaviour and discipline. Rewards have a motivational role in helping pupils to realise that good behaviour is valued. Staff are therefore encouraged to make use of the full range of praise and rewards in school. These are outlined fully in the rewards policy but include:  Positive Reports  Individual subject rewards and certificates  Whole school certificates  Positive parental contact  Rewards Assemblies 6. Sanctions 6.1 Sanctions should be fair, consistent and should support the HKKGS code. 6.2 The following should always be taken into account.  The nature of the behaviour being sanctioned.  The age of the pupil  Any special travel arrangements  Any special needs. 6.3 Detentions should always follow the following guidelines:  Any member of staff may give short 10-minute detentions without notice to parents.  Detentions over 10 minutes may only be given if the parents of the pupil have 24 hours notice.  Parents must be informed of any detentions that are for more than 10 minutes.  Whole class detentions should not be given as in almost all cases there will be some innocent pupils present. 6.4 Where sanctions become necessary the first stage is individual staff sanctions. This may be followed by referral to the Education Secretary/Head Teacher. This is outlined in more detail below. Individual Staff  Detentions – These should include appropriate punishments where appropriate. E.g. completing homework or classwork, cleaning graffiti. It is not appropriate to use whole class detentions.  Removal of pupils by senior member of staff on duty in exceptional circumstances.  Parental contact. (This should always be agreed with the Head Teacher). If it becomes necessary individual staff should then refer pupils to the Head Teacher for further action to be taken. 7. Support 7.1 Most effective discipline is always that administered by the member of staff concerned, however, this policy recognises that there will be occasions when staff may need support, especially newly qualified teachers and staff new to the school. 7.2 To support staff in achieving the outcomes outlined in this policy there are various policies already in place in school including the teaching for learning policy. Staff receives support through staff training and induction for new staff. 7.3 In addition to this staff members should consider liaising with other teachers for instances of persistent misconduct by pupils. 8. Monitoring and Evaluation 8.1 This policy will be monitored by:  Performance management and other classroom observations  Head of Year review meetings  Database of pupils at risk  Exclusion figures  External and internal audit reports Behaviour, Discipline and Support for Learning - Appendix 1 Reviewed: 1 May 2014 Agreed by: The Trustees THE HKKGS CODE This code has been devised with the aim of ensuring that all pupils are good citizens of the School and wider society. Learning:  All pupils will help each other learn.  Recognise our own achievements and the achievements of others.  Always do our best. Behaviour:  All pupils will be co-operative with everyone in school.  Have a positive attitude to each subject.  Never bully.  Care for the school environment.  Try to resolve problems positively.  All pupils will not chew in school. Language:  All pupils will be polite and respectful to others.  Avoid using foul and racist language.  Not make fun of people's names.  Talk about the school positively to the outside world. Appearance:  All pupils will wear full school uniform. Behaviour, Discipline and Support for Learning - Appendix 2 Adopted: 1 May 2014 Agreed by: The Trustees SUMMARY OF SCHOOL RULES  Pupils should be courteous at all times.  Pupils should follow the HKKGS Code.  Full school uniform must be worn.  Homework should be completed and given in on time.  Pupils may not leave the premises without permission. SCHOOL RULES We have certain rules which allow us to care for you and which protect you and your belongings: 1. You must be on time for school and for lessons. 2. If you are absent from school you must bring a note on the day you return explaining why you were absent. 3. You may not leave school during the course of the day without written consent. 4. You should follow the rules of classroom behaviour. 5. You should do your homework and hand it in on time. 6. You should walk quietly along corridors and in single file on stairs. Equipment should be carried sensibly. 7. You should bring the correct equipment to school. 8. You must wear full school uniform. 9. You may not eat in lessons. Chewing gum is not allowed in school. 10. You should enter and leave school through the main entrance. No other entrances may be used. 11. You must never be involved in bullying, fighting or vandalism. 12. No pupil may smoke on the school premises, nor on the way to or from school. 13. You should not bring valuable items such as large sums of money, ipods, mobile phones to school unless specifically asked by a member of staff. 14. There are some items that should not be brought to school under any circumstances: cigarettes, lighters, matches, penknives, and offensive weapons of any type. Behaviour, Discipline and Support for Learning - Appendix 3 Reviewed: 1 May 2014 Agreed by: The Trustees Before lessons  Plan the lesson.  Be at the classroom before students arrive.  Stand in the doorway and greet students by name and with smile as they arrive.  Where possible, praise individuals. During lessons  Reinforce boundaries and expectations firmly, but fairly and calmly.  Use pupils' names, treating them as individuals.  Use praise consistently, regularly and fairly.  Never use students as the butts for humour.  Make eye contact.  Don't be over familiar.  Model calm and courteous behaviour.  Listen to students.  React to inappropriate behaviour in a measured way. Don't over react to minor incidents. At the end of lesson  Recognise the efforts made by individuals and the group.  Manage dismissal so you can model a polite farewell.  Take opportunities to personalise comments, e.g. "Good luck with your geography exam tomorrow.".  Make contact with individual students as they are leaving the room. Outside lessons  Interact positively with students around school at all times.  Attend trips and extra curricular activities.  Listen to students if they come to you with problems and follow through.  Greet students in corridors, etc.  Around school, hurry students into class and help supervise their movements.  Do not maintain personal contact with pupils outside of school hours and duties such as via personal emails, telephone calls and other social media. List
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